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Digitally Sign Your Documents

Easily sign your lease, lease renewal or contract from your Iphone, Ipad, Android or computer with the following easy steps.

Iphone / Ipad / Android Phone

Download the Adobe Fill and Sign Mobile App from the Apple App Store or Google Play

  • Open your mail program
  • View the attachment
  • Tap the Share button
  • Choose Open in Adobe Fill & Sign
  • Tap the sign button
  • Create your signature by signing with your finger
  • Move the signature or initials to the spot on the form to sign
  • Save and reply with the attachment

Adobe Acrobat Reader DC

Download Adobe Acrobat Reader DC

  • Open the PDF attachment in Adobe Acrobat Reader
  • Click Fill & Sign from the the Tools menu, open Fill & Sign
  • Click the box “You” fill and sign
  • Click Sign from the menu
  • Drag and drop your signature in box for your signature
  • or choose the AB cursor option and add a text box and type in your signature or initials
  • Click Next and click Save
  • Choose the folder to save your document
  • Reply to the email and add the signed document as an attachment

California Investor Rental Restrictions

Investors are finding too many rental restrictions in the state of California.

Savvy Real Estate investors are selling their rental properties in California and reinvesting in Florida rental properties. These investors are learning that Florida Landlord-Tenant laws are less restrictive and lean more towards the landlord. There are also no limits on rental rate increases and the eviction process is less complicated.

As Florida property managers, Rent Me Florida manages homes and condos at low flat monthly rates. We provide rental investors full-service property management and collection services for a low flat monthly fee of $89 per month.

Being a real estate investor myself and having been investing and leasing in Florida residential Real Estate since 1992, in 2007 I founded Rent Me Florida.

Rent Me Florida was created with the investor in mind. Give me a call… I can answer all your questions on what areas are the most lucrative for renting, average market rent rates and the ins and outs of buying and leasing real estate in Florida. I look forward to working with you!

Invest in Florida Real Estate

There is not better time to invest in Florida rental property.

SW Florida is growing at a rapid pace.  With over 1,000 people per day moving to the area. Manatee, Sarasota, and Charlotte Counties are looking at a growth rate of 40-60% over the next 20 years. Most people coming to Florida rent for the first year or two to establish themselves in the community. In 2017 34.85% of households were renters according to Census ACS data. 

Mary Hank, CEO
Rent Me Florida, LLC
941-474-2882 ext.111

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Security Deposits

At Rent Me Florida the homeowner (lessor) will hold the tenant’s security deposit in a Florida branch bank. (Unless stated otherwise in the lease.)

The security deposit helps protect you from potential damage, eviction and vacancy costs. It is best practice to require one month’s rent as a security deposit, however, there is no limit to what you can charge.

Florida Security Deposit Law

Security Deposit Rules and Regulation for Residential Leases

It is always a good idea to require a security deposit when renting our your Florida property. The security deposit helps protect you from potential damage, eviction and vacancy costs. It is best practice to require one month’s rent as a security deposit, however there is no limit to what you can charge.

Holding of Tenant Security Deposit

You have three choices of where to store the security deposit.

  1. Non-Interest Bearing Account: The security deposit can be held in a non-interest bearing bank account in the state of Florida. The landlord must not commingle this money with any other funds or use the money before it is due to them.
  2. Interest Bearing Account: If the landlord chooses to place the security deposit into an interest bearing Florida bank account, they are required to pay the tenant interest accumulated on the account annually and at the end of the lease term. The interest can be paid directly to the tenant or can be credited back in the form of rent.
    The landlord must not commingle the money or use prior to it actually being due them. Also, if the tenant breaks their lease, no interest is due.
  3. Surety Bond:The landlord can post a surety bond for the amount of the security deposit, or $50,000, whichever is less. The landlord must also pay the tenant five percent interest annually on the bond.

Florida Security Deposit Rules

When your tenant gives notice be sure to know the Florida rules for handling their security deposit.

If you plan on returning the full security deposit:

You have 15 days to return the security deposit along with any interest earned.

If you plan on keeping any portion of the security deposit:

You must notify your tenant in writing within 30 days of the lease end that you intend on keeping all or any portion of their deposit.

  • Send the notice to the address you have on file for the tenant via certified mail. It is the tenant’s responsibility to provide you with their forwarding address. If they do not, you as landlord are not required to provide written notice.
  • List the reasons why you intend to keep all or a portion of the security deposit.
  • Inform the tenant they have 15 days to contest this letter, but it must be in writing.
    If you do not inform the tenant within 30 days, then you automatically forfeit your right to keep any portion of the security deposit.
  • If the tenant does NOT object to your claim, then you can deduct the amount you claimed. But, you must return the remainder to the tenant within 30 days of the initial notice.
  • If the tenant DOES object, this matter could go to court. The winning party will be entitle to the court awarded sum, plus court costs and attorney fees.

Landlord Security Deposit Notice of Intention to Impose a Claim

As a landlord you may at some point need to impose a claim on a tenant’s security deposit. Be sure that you review the Florida Security Deposit Rules.

You may download a letter to send to you tenant here:

Download PDF Version (opens in new window)

Download Word Version (opens in new window)

Note.—Former s. 83.261.


Move Out Process

Lease Expiration

If your lease is about to expire and you are planning to move out and, in accordance with your rental agreement you are required to give a forwarding address 5 days prior to your lease expiration.

You may call 941-474-2882, email customerservice@rentmeflorida.com or serve notice via the “Notice to Vacate” page. Please confirm your move-out date and forwarding address.  Once your notice is received, we will begin looking for a new tenant, while we understand this is an inconvenience, RMF will make every effort to find a new renter with minimum bother to you.

Security Deposit Refunds:

For the return of your entire security deposit, please comply with the following:

  • Provide at least a five-day notice prior to your lease expiration
  • Provide RMF with a forwarding address
  • Reside in compliance with the full term of your lease agreement
  • No damage to property beyond normal wear and tear
  • Upon vacating be sure to clean the entire unit:
    • The unit must be completely free of trash, and dust
    • Appliances (including underneath) Stove-top burners and drip pans, range hood & exhaust fans, top of refrigerator and stove must be spotless.  If drip pans cannot be cleaned they should be replaced. Interior of refrigerator empty and cleaned, stove and oven empty, clean and free of grease.
    • Cupboards, drawers, kitchen counters & sinks must be wiped out and cleaned
    • Bathroom to include tub, tile, sinks wiped out, and mirrors cleaned. Be sure to wipe out all cabinets, vanities, medicine cabinets and drawers.
    • Spot wash walls, doors, baseboards, registers, light fixtures, switches/outlets
    • Clean the interior of windows, window tracks, window coverings/blinds, and sliding doors.
    • Air Handler closet, laundry room and garage
    • All light fixtures must be cleaned and burned out bulbs replaced.
    • A/C filters must be replaced
    • All nails used for hanging pictures etc. must be removed from walls and ceilings. Touch up the interior paint touched up where needed to blend with the existing paint. For extensive marking and smears, it may be necessary to paint an entire wall, ceiling or room. Do not use glossy paint over flat paint, or flat paint over a glossy paint. Fingers, a small wet towel or Q-tips are really great tools for smoothing out and filling in nail holes. Do not leave unsmoothed spackling showing.
    • Mow lawn, trim all shrubs, weed flower beds and remove any debris.
    • Remove all trash and debris from inside trash containers
    • Carpets vacuumed and cleaned
    • All smoke detectors must be left in working condition.  If the alarm is currently beeping replace the battery.
    • All Trash needs to be removed from the property this includes trash/recycling bins, do not leave bins at the street or full of garbage
    • The garage or carport must be hosed or swept.
    • Lanai, Patio, pool deck, storage closet/shed must be “broom clean” and free from debris and trash
  • Have no unpaid late charges or delinquent rent.
  • Final utility bills must be paid.
  • Return all keys to RMF or place in lockbox if provided. Please leave all garage door remotes and extra keys in the kitchen drawer.

Failure to return your keys

You will be charged rent until the keys are received. You could also be charged a locksmith fee, which will be deducted from your security deposit.

Final Walk-Through and Inspection of Property

RMF makes every effort to inspect the property as quickly as possible after your departure. The unit must be completely vacant and cleaning finished prior to our inspection. 

RMF will use the Tenant Walkthrough Evaluation, which was filled out by you when you first occupied the unit. If any of the above items were not clean and/or damaged when you moved in, it should have been noted on your TENANT WALKTHROUGH EVALUATION sheet (which was provided to you at the time of your lease signing) and you will not be responsible for that cleaning or repair.


Frequently Asked Questions

Should I allow smokers in my rental home?

Rent Me Florida’s standard lease states that there shall be NO Smoking in the interior of the home.  This means that they are not allowed to smoke inside the home, but it is legal to smoke on the lanai, porch or patio.  However, you as the homeowner could refuse to allow any smoking on the property.

How are utilities handled? Do I pay or does the tenant?

For most unfurnished annual leases, the tenants are responsible for assuming and paying for the monthly utilities; unless otherwise noted on the lease or if covered by the HOA.
City Water / Sewer: Even though the tenant is responsible for the monthly bill, the homeowner in many cases is responsible for any outstanding water invoices.  It is good practice to collect a water deposit which will be refundable once the tenant has vacated and paid the account to zero.
For vacation / short term rentals:  The utilities remain in the name of the home owner and are payable by the home owner.  Caps can be specified per lease.

Should I take a Section 8 Voucher?

Section 8 is a personal choice and does require some additional paperwork and inspections.   But, this service does mean that you are guaranteed to receive your rent from Section 8 on time each month.  There are also yearly inspections requiring both the tenant and the homeowner to keep the property in a habitable condition.

Please Contact Rent Me Florida Customer Service for any additional questions not listed here.

Can Rent Me Florida help me sell my home?

To better serve our clients, Rent Me Florida specializes only in rentals.  But we have numerous professional Real Estate Sales Affiliates that we would be happy to refer you to.

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Landlord Responsibilities

What are my responsibilities of being a landlord of a Florida rental property?

The landlord and tenant must comply with what is written in the lease signed by both parties, but the landlord also must comply with the Florida Statute to maintain the premises.

Here is a synopsis of the statute.

  • The landlord must comply with the requirements of applicable building, housing, and health codes.
  • The landlord must keep all roofs, windows, screens, doors, floors, steps, porches, exterior walls, foundations, and all other structural components in good repair.
  • The landlord must make reasonable provisions for the extermination of rats, mice, roaches, ants, wood-destroying organisms, and bedbugs unless otherwise stated in writing. The tenant is required to temporarily vacate for up to four days with a seven-day written notice.
  • The landlord must install working smoke detectors unless otherwise stated in writing.
  • The landlord is NOT responsible to the tenant for negligent or wrongful acts or omissions of the tenant, a member of the tenant’s family, or other people on the premises with the tenant’s consent.

The Rent Me Florida lease requires all tenants to purchase renter’s insurance as the landlord’s homeowner’s insurance does not cover the tenant’s belongings.

To read this statute in its entirety you can go to Florida Statute 83 >>

Vacation Property Owners —

Property Owners are responsible for payment of all sales taxes due on properties leased for 6
months or less. Please go to MyFlorida.com and click on the Florida Department of Revenue
tab or call 800-352-3671 or write; Florida Department of Revenue, 5050 West Tennessee
Street, Tallahassee, FL 32399-0100 for more details concerning rental property sales tax.