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Frequently Asked Questions

Should I allow smokers in my rental home?

Rent Me Florida’s standard lease states that there shall be NO Smoking in the interior of the home.  This means that they are not allowed to smoke inside the home, but it is legal to smoke on the lanai, porch or patio.  However, you as the homeowner could refuse to allow any smoking on the property.

How are utilities handled? Do I pay or does the tenant?

For most unfurnished annual leases, the tenants are responsible for assuming and paying for the monthly utilities; unless otherwise noted on the lease or if covered by the HOA.
City Water / Sewer: Even though the tenant is responsible for the monthly bill, the homeowner in many cases is responsible for any outstanding water invoices.  It is good practice to collect a water deposit which will be refundable once the tenant has vacated and paid the account to zero.
For vacation / short term rentals:  The utilities remain in the name of the home owner and are payable by the home owner.  Caps can be specified per lease.

Should I take a Section 8 Voucher?

Section 8 is a personal choice and does require some additional paperwork and inspections.   But, this service does mean that you are guaranteed to receive your rent from Section 8 on time each month.  There are also yearly inspections requiring both the tenant and the homeowner to keep the property in a habitable condition.

Please Contact Rent Me Florida Customer Service for any additional questions not listed here.

Can Rent Me Florida help me sell my home?

To better serve our clients, Rent Me Florida specializes only in rentals.  But we have numerous professional Real Estate Sales Affiliates that we would be happy to refer you to.

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