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Since 2007, Rent Me Florida has been saving residential rental property owners thousands of dollars in property management fees all across Florida.

Flat Fee Property management.

Our unique way of managing and leasing rental properties allows us to cover the state of Florida. All we do is rent and manage, so all of our attention is placed on getting you, the home owner, the most qualified tenant for the most money in the shortest amount of time.

Homes for rent in Florida.

Choose From a Variety of Affordable Annual Rental Properties and fantastic vacation / seasonal properties!
We'll do our best to find the property that fits your leasing needs.

Why should I hire a property management company to handle my rental?

  • I don’t want involved in the tenant drama
  • I don’t have to be the bad guy
  • I never have to make the hard phone calls
  • I don’t have time to deal with issues
  • I don’t have standardized leases and renewal addendums

Owning a rental property can be daunting. How do I handle a tenant issue? How do I find and qualify good tenants? I can’t pull the credit and background on a potential tenant… Do I even want to deal with all this?

In steps, the “property manager.” A property manager can alleviate the stress of dealing with finding and vetting your next tenants. A good property management company swoops in and does all the time-consuming marketing for you. They take all the lead calls to prequalify potential lookers, weeding out those who don’t necessarily fit the property or what you are looking for.

Once a potential tenant is found, the property management company does all the background check work for you. Do they have decent credit? Do they have a criminal background? What is their prior rental history?

Once this information is gathered, you the property owner, now have a better idea of who might be looking to rent your investment home.

Whew! That took a lot of stress from the equation…

So you have a potential tenant. Now what?

Let the property manager draw up the lease; that is, unless you are an attorney or want to hire one. Why not have your professional property manager take care of this for you? Another problem solved!

Now your tenant is living in your investment and there is a problem.

Bingo! Another job for your property manager. They will take that call and get you an estimate from one of their many qualified licensed vendors to resolve any issues. Wow these guys are good…

Didn’t receive your rent?

No problem, the property manager strikes again. They contact your tenant on your behalf and find the underlying cause of the situation. Hopefully getting your rent to you quickly, without a costly and time-consuming eviction. There isn’t much the property manager won’t do to make sure that you, the investment homeowner, has a stress free, relaxed rental transaction.>