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Rental Application FAQ’s

To rent a home through Rent Me Florida each applicant is required to fill out a rental application. Certain criteria must be met and the application fee is NON-REFUNDABLE. Please review the frequently asked questions prior to applying. The application process is mandatory for anyone who is applying to rent any property for 6 months + one day or longer.

What are the rental criteria?


Each person over the age of 18 who intends to reside in the home more than 50% of the time MUST fill out a separate application.

Rental History

Each applicant must have two years of clear rental/homeowner history.

Criminal Background

A criminal background check is also completed.
No felonies, violent crimes or drug convictions will be accepted.


  • No NSF – non-sufficient funds (bounced checks)
  • No late payments for two years after a bankruptcy or foreclosure
  • No past unpaid rents or evictions
  • No more than three collections; with the exception of medical

Employment / Income Verification

Each adult must individually qualify on his/her own. Each adult will be responsible for the lease should a roommate move out during the lease period.

To qualify your monthly income should be at least 3x the monthly rental rate. Example: If the rent is $1000 per month your combined income should be no less than $3000 per month.

The combined income of the household will be considered for married couples, verifiable domestic partners, parent/non-adult child, guardian or ward.

Income Verification – One-month current pay stubs, direct deposit statement, child support, social security benefits or bank statements.

Current employment is verified and one year of stability is required. Exceptions being a job transfer, starting with a new career or retirement.


Please provide to your rental specialist or with your application a form of photo ID.

Acceptable ID forms:

Drivers License
Green Card
Military ID
State-issued ID

Application Fees

The application fee is $99 per single person or $125 per couple and $20 for each additional applicant if downloaded and printed and emailed, faxed or turned into the office.

When using the online application, you are NOT auto-charged. All payments are manually entered at our corporate office.

If you would like to be “pre-approved”, just choose that option from the form of payment section on the application form.

  • An application is not considered complete and ready to process until ALL documentation and payment are provided. NOTE: If you do not supply all requested documentation, another applicant may jump ahead of you.
  • Be sure to fill the application out completely and as honestly as possible. It’s better to give us too much information, rather than have a surprise come up on your background check.
  • Unverifiable information will lead to your application not being approved
  • If your application should fall short of these standards, it may still be accepted with prepayment of rent, co-signing by another responsible adult (application required), or other methods that the property owner or manager agree upon.
  • Once your complete application is received by Rent Me Florida Customer Service, it will be processed. This usually takes between 24 – 48 hours. Your RMF Rental Specialist or a member of the Customer Service team will contact you with your approval and next steps.