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Work Order Process and Troubleshooting Guide

Work Order / Maintenance Requests

Things can go wrong with any property; at some point, you may need to request maintenance on the property you are leasing. Prior to submitting a maintenance/work order request, please view the guide listed below for the most common maintenance problems.  In many cases, we have found, that if our tenants know what to look for when an issue arises, they may be able to quickly resolve the issue without the delay and inconvenience of arranging for a service call. Please view the following guide for the most common maintenance problems encountered.

For non-emergency Work Order / Maintenance Requests, fill out the form to submit your request online!

A customer service representative will then issue a work order. Be sure to check your email, all work orders are issued to the vendor, the owner, and the tenant. Once the repair has been authorized by the owner, the vendor will contact the tenant directly for access.

What is considered an emergency?

  • Fire / Smoke inside the property – Call 911 first and then the after-hours line. 941-474-2882 ext. 221
  • Burst pipes or excessive water leaks – TURN OFF THE WATER AT THE MAINLINE and call the after-hours line
  • Sewage back up or ALL toilets in the home stopped up – Stop all water use and call the after-hours line
  • No AC and the outside temperature is 90 degrees or above
  • No HEAT and the outside temperature is 55 degrees or below

If you have an emergency after regular business hours please call 941-474-2882 and dial extension 221 and leave a detailed message.

Emergency maintenance requests will be addressed as quickly as possible, based on the availability of service personnel and/or resources of parts.
All issues considered emergencies will be handled as quickly as possible, all non-emergency calls will be returned the following business day.

Troubleshooting Guide

Air Conditioning

  • Check the filter – a dirty filter can wreak havoc on an A/C unit. Changing a dirty filter helps the system work well and produce colder air
  • Condenser doesn’t run – Check for a tripped circuit breakers at the main panel
  • Unit won’t cool – Lower thermostat 5 degrees and remove debris blocking condenser, cut down weeds, grass or vines around the unit.
  • The unit froze up – Turn unit completely off and let the unit thaw out and dry before turning back on. Check if a return is vent is possibly blocked.


  • Dishwasher Does not work (no lights or sound) – Check that it is plugged in – look in the cabinet under the kitchen sink. Do not pull the dishwasher out its cabinet

Water / Water Systems