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Tips on how to remain a good tenant


Send your rent check directly to your landlord at the mailing address as written on your lease agreement, at least 3-5 days before it is due depending on how long the US Mail will take to deliver it to the landlord’s address. Contact your landlord right away in the event that you may be late with the rent due to an unforeseen family problem. REMEMBER, COMMUNICATION IS THE BEST WAY TO AVOID ANY PROBLEMS WITH YOUR LANDLORD.

Number 2: Transfer all utilities

Be sure that you transfer all of the utilities that you are responsible for paying for the first day of the lease agreement.

Number 3: Take Care of the Property

Keep your rental home in good working order by repairing problems right away and maintaining the cosmetic condition of the home.

Number 4: Read and Understand Your Rental Agreement

Be sure to keep your lease in a safe place so you may refer to it should you have questions pertaining to any part of your agreement. In the event that you lose your lease contact your landlord and request that they mail you a copy of the original lease agreement that you both signed. In the event that the landlord does not have a copy, you may order a copy of your lease by contacting RENT ME FLORIDA, Customer Service.

Number 5: Be a Good Neighbor

Use common sense about guests, parties, noise and related items, and by keeping the outside of your home free of garbage and keeping the lawn groomed. If parking spaces are provided for you, use only the spaces designated to you and to your guests.

Number 6: Obtain Rental Insurance

Renter’s insurance is very inexpensive and will cover your items if there should be an accident, fire or natural disaster, etc. Your landlord’s homeowner’s insurance only covers the property NOT your personal items.