Resources for Rent Me Florida Tenants

Rental Application Guidelines

Instructions and Guidelines for applying to rent a home with Rent Me Florida. Each person over the age of 18 is required to submit an application for any annual rental property.

Online Rental Application

Complete your rental application online.

Printable Rental Application

Walk Through Evaluation Form

Just moved in? Thoroughly document the condition of your rental upon move-in. Return the completed document to RENT ME FLORIDA within 72 hours. This form can be used to document items that you do not wish to be deducted from your security deposit upon move out. If you have a maintenance issue please use the work order link below under Customer Service Request.

Tips on remaining a Good Tenant

Tenant FAQ's

Get answers to frequently asked questions before, during and after renting from Rent Me Florida.

Customer Service Request

Things can go wrong with any property.  At some point, you may need to request maintenance on the property you are leasing.  Please use the link below to place a Work Order Request. 

Change Request

Change of address, phone number or email? Just fill out our Change Request form. We always like hearing from our tenants.

Notice to Vacate

If you tenant notifies you that they are moving out, ask them to fill out our Notice to Vacate form so that we can get your property re-marketed and re-rented quickly. With hopefully little to no down time.

Move Out Procedures

Explanation of procedures for your tenants to assure that they receive their deposit back and leave your property in top condition for re-renting.

Rules for Security Deposit

At Rent Me Florida the landlord holds each tenant's security deposit. But, it is still good practice to understand the rules and Florida laws of handling your security deposit.

Lead Based Paint Brochure

If you are renting a home that was built prior to 1978, be sure to check out the lead-based paint brochure. This brochure explains how lead gets into the body, health effects of lead, what to do to protect your family and where to receive more information on lead poisoning.