Help me Manage My Current Tenants

For a low flat monthly fee of $99 per month, Rent Me Florida will take over and handle your tenant calls and collection of rent.  Taking the burden off you.

Whether you are not happy with your current management company or frustrated with managing on your own, let Rent Me Florida be your middle man.  If you have a home in Florida, Rent Me Florida can manage it for you!

  • Rent Me Florida handles all tenant problem calls - 24/7
  • There are NO markups on any repair or maintenance charges
  • We contact the service vendor and provide them a work order detailing the issues
  • A copy of the work order is also emailed to the home owner
  • The tenant also receives a copy of the work order informing them of the vendor information
  • The service vendor contacts you the owner to get authorization and make payment arrangements
  • Rent Me Florida follows up on the work order between the vendor and the tenant to assure that all is complete
  • Perform a walk through at the six month mark of the lease and a final walk through when the tenant vacates.

Collection Services

  • Monthly reminders are sent to the tenant reminding them their rent is due and where to send or deposit
  • RMF can receive the rent on the owner's behalf and deposit to a local bank or mails to owner (optional)
  • If rent is not received on the due date then the collection process starts. If rent is sent directly to landlord he/she need to contact RMF immediately
  • When rent is late a email and phone call to the tenant occurs
  • If there is no response within 24 hours, a collection notice is sent requiring late fees
  • If there is no resolution after the first two attempts a 3 day notice is posted (additional fees may apply)

It has been our experience that we can usually resolve these issues quickly. Should legal counsel be required Rent Me Florida can refer our eviction attorney.