Lease Expiration:

If your lease is about to expire and you are planning to move out and, in accordance with your rental agreement you are required to give a forwarding address 5 days prior to your lease expiration.

You may call 941-474-2882, email or server notice via the “Notice to Vacate” page. Please confirm your move out date and forwarding address.  Once your notice is received, we will begin looking for a new tenant, while we understand this is an inconvenience, RMF will make every effort to find a new renter with minimum bother to you.

Security Deposit Refunds:


  • Provide at least a five day notice prior to your lease expiration
  • Provide RMF with a forwarding address
  • Reside in compliance with the full term of your lease agreement
  • No damage to property beyond normal wear and tear
  • Upon vacating be sure to clean the entire unit:
    • Unit must be completely free of trash, and dust
    • Appliances (including underneath) Stove-top burners and drip pans, range hood & exhaust fans, top of refrigerator and stove must be spotless.  If drip pans cannot be cleaned they should be replaced. Interior of refrigerator empty and cleaned, stove and oven empty, clean and free of grease.
    • Cupboards, drawers, kitchen counters & sinks must be wiped out and cleaned
    • Bathroom to include tub, tile, sinks wiped out, and mirrors cleaned. Be sure to wipe out all cabinets, vanities, medicine cabinets and drawers.
    • Spot wash walls, doors, baseboards, registers, light fixtures, switches/outlets
    • Clean the interior of windows, window tracks, window coverings/blinds and sliding doors.
    • Air Handler closet, laundry room and garage
    • All light fixtures must be cleaned and burned out bulbs replaced.
    • A/C filters must be replaced
    • All nails used for hanging pictures, etc. must be removed from walls and ceilings. Touch up the interior paint touched up where needed to blend with existing paint. For extensive marking and smears it may be necessary to paint an entire wall, ceiling or room. Do not use glossy paint over flat paint; or flat paint over glossy paint. Fingers, a small wet towel or Q-tips are really great tools for smoothing out and filling in nail holes. Do not leave unsmoothed spackling showing.
    • Mow lawn, trim all shrubs, weed flower beds and remove any debris.
    • Remove all trash and debris from inside trash containers
    • Carpets vacuumed and cleaned
    • All smoke detectors must be left in working condition.  If beeping replace the batteries.
    • All Trash needs to be removed from the property this includes trash/recycling bins, do not leave bins at the street or full of garbage
    • The garage or carport must be hosed or swept.
    • Lanai, Patio, pool deck, storage closet/shed must be “broom clean” and free from debris and trash
  • Have no unpaid late charges or delinquent rent.
  • Final utility bills must be paid.
  • Return all keys to RMF or place in lockbox if provided. Please leave all garage door removes and extra keys in kitchen drawer.


You will be charged rent until they are received

You will also be charged a locksmith fee, which will be deducted from your security deposit.


RMF makes every effort to inspect the property as quickly as possible after your departure. Unit must be completely vacant and cleaning finished prior to our inspection. 

RMF will use the Tenant Walk through Evaluation, which was filled out by you when you first occupied the unit. If any of the above items were not clean and/or damaged when you moved in, it should have been noted on your TENANT WALK THROUGH EVALUATION sheet (which was provided to you at the time of your lease signing) and you will not be responsible for that cleaning or repair.