Resources for Florida Residential Property Owners

Responsibilities of being a landlord of a Florida rental property.

The landlord and tenant must comply with what is written in the lease signed by both parties, but the landlord also must comply with the Florida Statute to maintain the premises.

Property Owner FAQ's

Get answers to frequently asked questions that our landlords have.

Customer Service Request

Things can go wrong with any property; at some point, you may need to request maintenance on the property you are leasing.

Change Request

Change of address, phone number or email? Just fill out our Change Request form. We always like hearing from our customers.

Request Property Inspection

When you subscribe to Rent Me Florida's monthly property management you receive a walk through at the 6 month mark of the lease. If you would like one sooner or if you do not have property management, just drop us a line and we can schedule a inspection for you at a nominal fee.

Notice to Vacate

If your tenant notifies you that they are moving out, ask them to fill out our Notice to Vacate form so that we can get your property re-marketed and re-rented quickly. With hopefully little to no down time.

Move Out Procedures

Explanation of procedures for your tenants to assure that they receive their deposit back and leave your property in top condition for re-renting.

Rules for Tenant Security Deposit and Claim Notice

It is always a good idea to require a security deposit when renting out your Florida property. The security deposit helps protect you from potential damage, eviction and vacancy costs. It is best practice to require one month's rent as a security deposit, however there is no limit to what you can charge.